Meet the Fleet

Our Z4’s are not new but each has a history of its own (mostly made up by us!):



Before retiring to the Vermont countryside, Bruno spent a few years in the German state police, serving in one of their Special Kommando units, chasing criminals driving Nissan GT’s and Miatas. Although Bruno refuses to talk about his top-secret work, we know that as a Special Kommando he had to possess tremendous physical and mental strength as well as the ability to work as part of a team. That’s good enough for us!



Born into Bavarian aristocracy, Deiter spent his early days zipping around the French Riviera, hobnobbing with Jaguars and Mercedes SLK’s. Forced to flee Europe for the rural safety of Vermont when his fortunes took a self-induced turn for the worst, Deiter has been forced to earn his keep like the rest of us. He is not accustomed to working with others or taking orders, but his royal manners have managed to keep him in our good graces…so far.



Once a member of the cabaret troupe at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, Fritzi fell in love with a visiting tycoon from Texas and ran off to live with him on his spread. But living in a flat land filled with Ford F150 pickup trucks and Hummers was not for her, so she hitched a ride on a car transport until she reached us here at Dreamhouse—dusty, a little heartbroken, but ready to strut her stuff once again.

All of us are located at:
382 Hewitt Rd.
Bristol, Vermont 05443