Each of Our Tours is Uniquely Handcrafted

At Country Driving Tours of Vermont, we want you to do more than just learn about Vermont, we want you to experience it the way we do. We’ve taken three of our greatest passions—discovering Vermont, driving cool sports cars and eating great food and curated them into three different tour experiences you won’t find anywhere else in the US.

We do this to create a day of memories for you. Join us to smile, eat good food, drive a great convertible, see the great scenery of this unique State, and listen to me tell the story of Vermont as we travel.
When we end the day you will have a story of your own to tell for years to come..

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Wonder Why Covered Bridges are Covered?

Every year, visitors from all over come to enjoy the scenic beauty of our Vermont countryside. But with Country Driving Tours, you will learn that Vermont is much more than just another pretty place AND you will discover all this will driving one of our luxury BMW Z4 sports cars! As you zoom along our winding roads, our tour guide, George, will talk to you via 2-way radio, and bring the history, culture, folklore and flavors of our region alive for you. You will learn how it played a central role in the development of our nation, from the American Revolution and the Ethan Allen Boys, right up to the Civil War and the Underground Railroad; how the lake is filled with over 3000 shipwrecks and even a monster. You’ll learn about its rich agricultural heritage and the way that heritage is being revitalized through the explosion of value-added foods being produced in the state today and why “Moonlight in Vermont” is more than just a song. And yes, you will learn why covered bridges are covered! So, whether you are traveling here for a summer vacation or to enjoy some “leaf-peeping” during foliage season, let us turn your travel tour into an exciting new adventure.

When Was the Last Time You Drove a Racy Sports Car?

Why sit in a big fat bus to tour Vermont, when you can have the same experience while driving one of the best sports cars in its class? Even though our Z4s are not new, they still have power to spare, stick to the curves like glue, and have a nice, sport drive feature that gives you even more contact with the machine and the road you are driving on. In case of inclement weather, the convertible top goes up in less than 60 seconds and the seats are heated. Besides, you and your partner will look extremely cool in one of our Z4s. And using the high tech radios and headsets only adds to the coolness factor, in a geeky sort of way! See the sights, learn more about Vermont in 4 hours than you would in a week and enjoy some local cuisine along the way from the comfort and class of your own luxury sports car.

Are We There Yet?

Even though driving a Beamer convertible while learning about the history of Vermont is pretty cool, we also want you to experience Vermont the way we do. With each of our curated tours, we will take you to some of our favorite places, where you can snap fantastic photos, wander around a bit, shop, browse and eat. And speaking of eating, no tour would be complete without a healthy offering of some of our outstanding regional cuisine. Vermont is becoming world-famous for its artisanal cheese makers, its inventive “localvore” food scene and its burgeoning winemaking industry. Each tour offers its own unique foodie experience, from winetasting and picnicking, to lunch at a very funky general store or elegant full-course meal at one of our top-rated restaurants. Country Driving Tours of Vermont wants you to take home more than just a can of maple syrup or a bottle of wine, we want you to take home a memory of a unique experience you can only find with us.