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“Exceeded My Expectations!”

The day my husband and I spent on a Vermont Country Driving Tour was not only great fun, it was memorable. We know and love Vermont, but driving the back roads in a shiny black BMW convertible while listening (via comfy headsets) to historic tales and fascinating facts was a new and exciting way to enjoy the state even more. Out host George Landis is not only knowledgeable, he is warm and friendly. He obviously cares about Vermont and seemed to know instinctively what would interest us and the rest of the group. We drove at the perfect speed to enjoy the sites and the soft summer sun, then stopped for a glamorous little picnic near the new Lake Champlain Bridge. Climbing back into the sports car we meandered past bucolic farms, explored quaint towns, and marveled at the long views of the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains. Our last stop was a terrific restaurant where I feasted on local vegetables, and a spicy fresh cioppino.

I wasn’t sure a day spent driving and listening to a guided tour would be relaxing, but it was. There was no rushing–it was a perfectly timed excursion. And George is so easy going that all I had to do was steer. I must confess that on the last leg of the trip–back to home base, the Dream House Country Inn (5 stars, too)–I drove a bit more quickly and got a taste of what the BMW had to offer. I didn’t speed, but with the top down I felt like I was living a dream. What a unique experience. The perfect combination of so much that I love: Vermont, driving, history, food, and friends.